Armando made his first sale…2 butterfly rings and one silver ring with a sapphire to a friend of ours for $500. She loved his work so much she didn’t even think twice about it!!! Yaaa… his jewelry is pretty much AWESOOOME:)

marcel says:
Are you guys updating this anymore? It looks like it’s been quiet for a... more
Larry and Jo says:
Always knew your creative ability would be world famous. Nice job Armando! more

Last Sunday, November 27th, Armando and I got to Volunteer with Red Cross in the Iron Man Triathlon. For those of you who have never heard of this…it’s a 140.6 mile race with a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike ride (3 laps around the island), and a 26.2 mile run. The people who participated are truly amazing and it was such a great experience to be a part of. Armando and I got to help the athletes recover in …

Theresa says:
What a great experience! Glad you guys had fun! more

A couple weeks ago Armando and I had a great time exploring the Yucatan but we were definitely ready to come back to Cozumel. The Yucatan in general is an absolutely beautiful place. Although the bus rides were long we were able to enjoy some great scenery. Our trip began with a 3 hour bus ride from Playa Del Carmen to Valladolid. This is a very old town with beautiful architecture and was surprisingly more relaxing than the island (Must …

L.V.Mushik says:
More than interesting. more
KevDog says:
Beautiful!! We need to come visit! more

No Turkey, but none the less it was a great day in a beautiful place. We had a steak and potato dinner at Al Pie del Carbon…sooo good!!! Hope all our family and friends back in the states are having a wonderful holiday season.

kevdog says:
Yum! Grinds! So… where are you getting this ahhcoconut notification? more

Yay…Armandos 1st Exhibit

Armandos bracelet, ‘Caras de Los Muertos’, is currently in the Museum of Cozumel for their Dia de Los Muertos Exhibit. It’s displayed in a wooden box that he made himself. Not to mention it’s being viewed by people from all over the WORLD and Government Officials! What Whaaat!!!


Pre Hurricane Rina

Hurricane Rina is supposed to hit tonight. Tomorrow the eye of it is supposed to be right over the Island. Here are some pre-hurricane pictures.


Lunch Anyone???

This fish tried to attack Armando while we were snorkeling, so I fought it off of him and brought it home to make Tacos…hahaa j/k This is actually what you can find in El Mercado Municipal (The Market Place).


Our 1st Home Together (without roommates)

Here are a few pictures of our new studio. We rent it from our friend Carlos and his wife Theresa. The studio is above their home and office. We will add more pictures to fill in the blanks in the near future. Address: 65 Av. Sur between Calle 17 & 19 Sur, San Miguel, Quintana Roo, México


More Good Food…..NOT (Actually it depends on who you ask)

Our friend Theresa made some really good chicken enchiladas. I (Anji) was feeling a little under the weather so Armando brought me some of the chicken broth. The next day I found out what was used to make the broth. Armando actually liked them. He is so much braver than I when it comes to food.


Notebooks for Kids

Here are a few notebooks we saw in the Papeleria. This is the place kids go to buy their school supplies…Hahahaaaa